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Ancient Lomi Lomi

Cornelius Rosse, MD, DSc
Professor Emeritus
School of Medicine
University of Washington
(Bi-weekly client that came for two years)

I am pleased to recommend Gabriel as an outstanding and dedicated practitioner of the art of Lomi Lomi massage to anyone who is lucky enough to avail him/herself of his services.

The value of a recommendation depends to a large extent on the relevant background and experience of the person who provides the recommendation. I met Gabriel after retiring from a long and rewarding career as a medical doctor, scientist and educator. I encountered many admirable and talented young people during this career, but Gabriel stands out among them as the one from whom I have personally benefitted the most.

Gabriel has a great gift for healing the body, enhancing health and promoting the tranquility of the spirit. The massages he gives are completely different than any I have ever experienced. He makes you discover your own body and leaves you with a feeling of peace that lasts for days. He is a master of the Lomi Lomi concept of massage, which is not only a special technique but also a spiritual approach to two human beings interacting with one another. For me these interactions were among the most enjoyable experiences consisting of a chain of sensations that I did not know I could have. Gabriel is completely immersed in what he is doing and how you respond to him and he to you. There is an important spiritual element of these interactions as well. To get the full benefit of the massage experience, you have to put your trust in Gabriel and allow him to guide you. He will be completely in tune with you if you accept what he has to offer. I realize all this does not sound very medical or scientific, but believe me, it is real.

So here is something medical: as a result of the massages, my high blood pressure had dropped significantly to the extent that I could reduce and ultimately discontinue some of my medications; my recovery from two operations on my spine was unexpectedly hastened as a result of the massages; my cardiac problems that had been difficult to treat, improved significantly, my arthritic knees that have been torturing me remained pain free for days after a massage. I found most interesting the improvement in my sense of wellbeing and the melting away of some of the pesky and unwelcome manifestations of old age. 

Perhaps if I were in your position I may say that this guy just got carried away. But why would I want to set you up? There is, however, one point I want to emphasize: Lomi Lomi takes two individuals to succeed, a giver and a receiver. I can vouch for Gabriel that he will be a great giver. The rest is up to you.


My experience with Gabriel was exceptional! It was personal, almost incomprehensible and indescribable. Truly “sacred,” my body was a temple. Upon entering the room, which was set at the perfect temperature, with just the right lighting. I was invited to have a seat, then Gabriel explained what Lomi Lomi meant. He told me what he was going to be doing and the way the music was going to facilitate the experience. He gave me an option as to how I wanted him to preceded with part of the massage. There was not one moment I felt nervous or the least bit uncomfortable. The sensation was as though I was levitating, by the end, even flying. The table no longer existed beneath my body.

He orchestrated the music, his massage movements and breathing with such perfect harmony. There was total surrender, not one single outside thought entered my mind. Gabriel was a “spiritual” channel through which there was a Divine connection and presence. A total sense of “oneness”. My heart was beating and my soul was breathing, saturated with pure love and peace. My body, mind and spirit were totally honored. I never felt so special, nurtured and moved. Thank you, Gabriel, with love and gratitude!


It is not easy to put into words the depth and beauty of Gabriel’s three hour lomi lomi massage experience. But I will try here…

He is very respectful and gentle. And he merits one’s respectful gentleness in return. I felt instantly at ease with him. He places a great emphasis on the music that will accompany the massage. I was skeptical at first about this, as I thought the music would be distracting. But now I agree with him that it enhances the experience. 

Physically, the massage feels like ocean waves that could come on strongly or lightly at any moment. It was very relaxing and soothing. On first meeting him, Gabriel seems small in size and mild mannered. But during the massage, I felt in the strong hands of a big, great and determined man.

As the time passed, the experience took on the air of a spiritual awakening. Gabriel’s work directed my focus inwards. I became able to see clearly all what I needed to release in that moment. And as I felt his hands pass slowly over my heart, I let go of it all. The impact was penetrating, cathartic and liberating.

Gabriel’s presence was like that of a sensitive and supportive brother through it all. I recommend that anyone seeking a profound, elevating and cleansing massage experience contact Gabriel for an appointment.


I had little to no knowledge of this technique but I knew I wanted something more than the usual bodywork modalities. What I experienced in the two hour session was different than the usual bodywork sessions where you can almost anticipate the next move which interferes with my ability to relax and let go. Lets just say by the end of the session I felt relaxed but more aware somehow…like a shift in my energy that continued. I’ve rarely been this aware of my own energy and the effect it has on my being, as if I had become more acutely aware of my conscious state, the connection to my physical state and how I relate to everything around me. I feel a detached awareness of how I relate to my existence. I can see that this is something I would like to revisit as I believe the effects can be cumulative. Glad I stepped out of my box and over the line.


The massage I received from Gabriel was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  I got lost on my way to see him so was a bit frazzled at first, but felt completely transformed and like any negativity around me was removed by the end. Gabriel is amazing and it often felt like I was getting a massage from more than one person at times.  The best part was that I felt comfortable, safe and like my body was being honored and treated like something sacred.  I’ve been struggling with a list of ailments and had felt disconnected from my body, so this was a step in becoming more connected.  I can’t wait for the next one!


This was an extraordinary experience from the moment I was greeted by his welcoming hug. Before we started, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about being on a massage table for three hours. I feared I might get restless. In hindsight I wish I had booked a four hour session. The time flew by. I actually checked the clock when we were done because I couldn’t believe it had been three hours. (It had been.) I am also a massage therapist, this guy is amazing!

Gabriel’s Lomi Lomi massage was healing on so many levels. Physically, my muscles feel great, body aches are gone. So for that alone it’s worth it. Of course a lot of trained bodyworkers can do that for you. But Gabriel’s work is also profoundly healing on a more energetic/spiritual level. I felt like I was drifting, floating, letting go of emotional stuff I’d been holding onto for a long time.

It’s hard for me to describe clearly much of the session, because I was in the wonderful zone where you’re not sleeping, but you’re also not entirely awake either. I was off some place wonderful.

Gabriel made me feel completely safe. I felt cared for, nurtured and honored by his touch. Also, while his touch was totally respectful to boundaries, there was nothing at all clinical about it. In fact in Lomi Lomi there are many long strokes where hands seem to be moving up and down the full length of the body. (Or maybe it just felt like that!

If he lived in New York, I would see him regularly. Call him. Book a long session. You will be glad you did!


Gabriel’s technique is almost indescribable! Each person’s experience will be truly different as his shamanistic approach to a healing massage gets in tune with your body’s energy flow. While my own mediation practice focuses on opening my chakras to allow energies to flow through me, I opened my mind and body to his practice and was blown away. The personalized playlist he compiles based on your heritage does so much than you will realize going into the massage, helping to get the healing energy flowing as his strong hands work over every muscle in your body. As for the bodywork, the massage was as equally stellar as the energy work; Gabriel worked through the sore spots I had told him about and some I didn’t even realize I had. I left feeling relaxed, energized, and healed in mind, body, and spirit. I will definitely return! 


Gabriel is a ball of unconditional love, my session felt like a 12 course meal. Going through layers of Sensations, felt like integration of my history in one session. I came away feeling awake and amazing, have had more dreams in the days after his amazing session. Only way I can describe Gabriel is, he is an infusion of divine love, a powerhouse of energy, one of the best 3hrs of my life. Highly recommended.


J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Gabriel à Bordeaux au mois de juillet. C’est un garçon très doux et attentif qui met immédiatement en confiance les gens qui le rencontrent. Au-delà de ça il pratique divinement l’art du massage Hawaien  « Lomi Lomi ». Pendant deux heures j’ai ressenti un bien-être peu commun où le temps c’est arrêté. J’étais comme en suspension dans l’atmosphère….

Je suis un adepte des massage et je pense avoir suffisamment de recul pour évaluer une prestation, tant sur le plan organisation que tactile. Ce que prodigue Gabriel est simplement merveilleux, gestes précis et rythmés, sensualité débordante, esprit clairvoyant …. Il a cette capacité rare de repérer les zones sensibles pour ensuite s’y attarder.

Je conseille sans réserve à tous ceux qui comme moi sont exigeants lorsqu’il s’agit de massage de profiter de l’esprit et des mains de Gabriel … Tout cela se passe naturellement dans le respect mutuel le plus total. (Guillaume)


Für mich war die Ancient Lomi Lomi Massage ein vollkommen neues Erlebnis! Eine Erfahrung, die nicht nur Entspannung und Entschleunigung von einer viel zu schnell und laut gewordenen Welt brachte, sondern besonders eine Erfahrung, die mein Bewusstsein erweitert und geschult hat. 

Gabriel ist ein sensibler und aufmerksamer Mensch, der mit viel Feingefühl, Vertrauen aufbaut. Sein höchst professioneller und respektvoller Umgang machte es mir einfach, loszulassen, mich auf eine Reise zu begeben. Eine Reise in die Vergangenheit, eine Reise in die Gegenwart, eine Reise in die Möglichkeiten einer Zukunft? Auf alle Fälle eine Reise zu mir selbst! 

Das Erlebnis stimuliert die Sinne, öffnet den Horizont, konfrontiert, weckt auf und kann Frieden stiften. Wenn ich es will- in meinem Herzen! Das Besondere an meinem Erlebnis ist, dass ich noch Wochen später, also heute, eine Verbindung zu mir fühle, die ich zwar kannte, aber für lange als verloren glaubte. Was für eine gute, neue/alte Kraft! Danke dafür!


Die Ancient Lomi Lomi Session mit Gabriel führte mich durch verschiedene Dimensionen. Es war eine Art zeitlose Reise zu mir selbst. Gabriel’s sensible Berührungen haben meinen Körper tief entspannen lassen, ich habe viel Vertrauen und Liebe gespürt und konnte geistig und körperlich loslassen. So sind die Dinge einfach geschehen und an mir vorbei geflossen. Bilder die entstanden konnte ich ruhig verweilend beobachten und entsprechende Reaktionen des Körpers wahrnehmen.

Nach der Massage fühlte sich mein Oberkörper wie frisch geboren an, ich fühlte mich leicht und glücklich, in tiefer Ruhe und Frieden. Diese innere Ruhe wirkte noch weitere Tage nach. In den Tagen danach träumte ich viel und mehrmals sind unvermittelt Geschichten und Ereignisse von früher aufgetaucht an die ich lange nicht mehr gedacht habe.

Ich bin sehr dankbar für dieses Erlebnis, meine Sinne konnten sich weit öffnen und es fühlt sich so an, als hätten sich mir ein paar weitere Türchen geöffnet.


第一次听说传统LomiLomi 按摩,带着好奇进行了一次三小时的体验。 Gabriel提前短信了我注意事项,包括饮食的建议和禁忌,并提前沟通了我的宗教,背景等。与其他按摩不同的是,整个过程的音乐并不完全是放松冥想类,刚开始带有浓重的部落民族节奏,音乐让我的思绪自由游走,从一个故事自由跳到另一个人,又从这个人跳到另一个梦想,互不相干随意拼接的思绪很奇妙,身体在接受按摩的同时,我竟然神奇般的感受到我的思维也在被按摩着,非常奇特的体验。后半段的音乐比较平缓,融入大自然的声音,我渐渐的睡着了,不确定睡了多久,在瀑布的流水声里渐渐醒来。然后Gabriel轻轻走过了告诉我,三个小时的疗程结束了,我都没有感觉时间过的如此之快。很特别的一次按摩体验,适合头脑和身体的放松,值得推荐。

Ke Ala Hōkū

Annah Mirananda Co-FOUNDER / Director
Samadhi WELLNESS Spa & Health Retreat Australia
Winner 2017 & 2018:  World Luxury Hotel AWARDS
Luxury Boutique Retreat, Australia & Oceania

It’s an honor for me to write this review and recommendation of the therapy I recently received by Gabriel.
I chose the KE ALA HOKU session, an open-ended experience, which I approached with an open mind and heart, no expectations, just a bucket load of gratitude and appreciation, because today I was the recipient instead of the practitioner!
As a health professional with a background in massage of various styles,  I have formerly been involved with both teaching massage as well as practicing for the last 33 years. In that time I have received numerous therapies, and trained many individuals, so I guess you could say I have some experience with reviewing industry practices and recognising skill and ability, especially when it goes beyond ‘technique’ and becomes a uniquely integrated healing experience. 
To describe my experience of ‘what actually happened’ in this session is like trying to tell you how beautiful a rainbow is, instead of you seeing it with your own eyes, and feeling what happens in your body when you personally witness its beauty and majesty.
However, what I can attempt to describe to you is the health promoting benefits of Gabriel’s unique session and how it personally benefited me.
The session for me began with Gabriel’s first correspondence where I could feel Gabriel’s focus on my sole wellbeing from the moment he curated an individually customised playlist for my session. He was committed and engaged in delivering for me, a healing experience with the utmost integrity and sincerity.
His hands speak volumes, and they resound with great CARE and attention to how my body was experiencing in each moment. I think I can honestly say that this was the first time I have experienced a massage practitioner hold a consistent focus for a duration of five hours, with such ‘great respect’ and ‘attentiveness’.
At the same time, Gabriel’s hands delivered something that I could only liken to that of a song. A song that had me journeying through my life history which occurred through memory sensation on a cellular level. I found myself immersed on a journey of self-discovery as I moved through the various stages of deep relaxation. The depth and expansiveness was beneficial in assisting me to release a lot of accumulated physical tension, along with its emotional counterpart, which to my surprise began to release a lot of pain I had held in my body. 
By the end of the session ( if I can call it the end, as each day I continue to feel the resonance of the benefits of this session), I felt an enormous sense of ease and peace.
I emerged having experienced Gabriel’s skilled massage technique combined with what I could only describe as ‘a rare responsive awareness of the subtleties of the interacting energies between a client and practitioner’. As a former professional opera singer, I guess it’s no surprise that Gabriel has an exceptional gift for being ‘in-tune’ with his clients. I can highly recommend Gabriel’s Session as a genuine gift of healing. 


I was blessed to experience one of the most enlightened and intimately enriched self-exploration through the hands of Gabriel.  Starting with the days prior, I found adhering to his suggestions an integral part of the spiritual healing allowing me to become clear and focus on my own intentions for the massage.  

There were moments during the massage that were so transcendent I was not even conscious of Gabriel’s presence, his hands seemingly working free of his body unlocking parts of me I had not been made aware of in any other body work I’ve experienced.  The clarity didn’t just last for the immediacy after the massage but for the days and weeks following.  I want to say I felt high for many hours afterwards but I was actually connecting with the goodness that I deserve yet wasn’t quite aware of.  With much gratitude THANK YOU Gabriel for clearing a path of clarity for me.  

Mahalo, Fa’afetai Tele Lava & Te Arohanui (Chris)

I come from the Island Nation of Polynesia, although vastly dispersed we are one. As I was not raised with an understanding of this side of my heritage, I have been discovering it for myself by becoming a crew member aboard the Samoa Voyaging Society’s Traditionally inspired Sailing Catamaran.

I consider The Ke Ala Hōkū technique (The Pathway to the stars) to be an intimate form of voyaging, akin to sailing under the stars above the Pacific ocean… Yet a voyage upon the surface of your skin and amidst your inner oceans & galaxies to feel the full spectrum of nature’s conditions. Gabriel intuitively-guided this voyage with his hands, as wind on a sail does, with utter coherence and responsiveness to each moment as it presented itself… Be it a calm or a tumultuous wave, it was greeted by acceptance for what it was. There were times when it felt like a Tyrolean Traverse, where you are only present with the point of contact made upon your body, as you both glide from head to toe under the guidance of his hands…

Asides from his suggestion to honour all that we feel as it is, he further builds upon this with his non-invasive and professional approach, which I readily greeted with my trust, thus enabling me to surrender to Ke Ala Hōkū and receive a truly holistic experience. I was kept reassured with well-timed comments that had me informed and comfortable throughout the 3.5hr session.

I was touched on multiple levels, including an Ancestral one which has furthered the depths of my Polynesian connection, which to experience is to honour my Ancestors. I greet your humbleness with my respect, recognise your humane service with a universal recommendation to all that read this, and humbly extend my innermost gratitude for this Tāonga (Treasure of relevance).


I had the good fortune to meet Gabriel and have a session with him.  The website description of his work that attracted me was “Ke Ala Hoku – The Pathway to the Stars – is a transformation healing experience on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and ancestral level.”  Gabriel is a consummate professional with a loving heart and created a very safe space.  He explained that this healing work in the old days was about ‘stepping across the line’ – allowing the old self to die and stepping into a new self reality.  I was ready to experience exactly that.

The session was very unique and felt ancient and powerful.  My mind very quickly settled into a mostly blank space as I got deeply connected into my body.   My body continued to release guarding and protection patterns and relax on a deeper and deeper level.  Ultimately I felt my body literally melt away.  So I found myself not identified with my mind or my body, and felt into the true potentiality of life.  I feel I transformed on a cellular level and came away feeling so relaxed, completely grounded and very alive and free.  The session helped me to open and align with my next big steps in life of expanding my impact in the world.  If you have the opportunity to have a session with Gabriel I think you will find it exceptionally valuable where ever you are on your journey. 


I believe that the simple question “would you choose to experience that again?” with a clear yes or no answer, provides the best testimonial, but in the case of Gabriel and the Ke Ala Hoku session that I received from him I am compelled to elaborate in the desire to further help those who are reading this. 

If you are uncomfortable because this is not familiar to you, you will be made to feel supremely comfortable. Gabriel is a true master.

If you are struggling to justify a session financially, I suggest that you consider the return on investment of removing just one limiting belief. During my session, while being completely relaxed, I re framed a change in my career that could have taken months. The session helped me to see the blessing and perfection in the change which has allowed me to move forward.

Would I choose to have another Ke Ala Hoku session with Gabriel? Absolutely, Yes. Have I felt comfortable recommending a session to my dearest friends? Yes, I already have and they too have had an amazing session.


Recently I received a traditional Hawaiian massage from Gabriel. Gabriel is a highly trained and very professional provider of Hawaiian massage, and I was interested to experience the long version of the various options offered on his website.  The Ke Ala Hoku session offers a more in depth healing opportunity, with a sound track tailored by Gabriel to the client’s ancestry. 

Although I’ve received many massages over the decades, I’ve never had anything like this. It feels like the Ke Ala Hoku lifted out layers of stress (mental/emotional held in the physical) and during the session itself I felt very safe and nurtured… content to drift in and out of consciousness and be lost in the beautiful compilation of music and gentle physical sensations.  It left me not knowing anything…. At the end, with no impetus to move or speak, all I wanted to do was rest and be still, empty, alone.  The deep relaxation assisted a momentum of profound healing to continue on for 24 hours or more.  

The massage has a profound effect on body, mind, emotional and holistic levels.  I’m very grateful for the multiple layers of clearing through this very different form of ‘massage’.  I would recommend it to anyone willing to let go into the experience.


I recently had an incredible Ke Ala Hoku session with Gabriel. Starting with the thoughtful explanation of how the session would unfold I instantly felt calm and comfortable. Within a few minutes of heavenly massage and submerged in music I drifted into absolute relaxation. Over the next few hours I experienced not only a mesmerising massage on a physical level but such clarity and freedom of the mind allowing exploration on a whole other level. I had never reached such a state of oneness and completeness, entering a very uplifted space of potential. My body, mind and soul felt cleansed somehow and that feeling lasted for days. The whole experience was enchanting and empowering. I feel so much respect for Gabriel and his dedication and commitment to his craft.

I would highly recommend Gabriel’s sessions to anyone willing to explore, expand and are ready for one of life’s true experiences.


Ho ricevuto una sessione Ke Ala Hōkū da Gabriel nel momento perfetto, tutto si era organizzato perché io incontrassi questo meraviglioso e unico rituale nel momento preciso in cui l’ho ricevuto. Mi permetto di chiamare questo Massaggio rituale perchè chiamarlo massaggio per me è molto riduttivo.

Questa è un esperienza unica, indimenticabile e trasformatrice. Mi sono affidata a Gabriel , senza aspettative, aperta a ricevere tutto quello di cui avevo bisogno in quel momento.

Il mio corpo stanco, pesantemente si è abbandonato sul lettino e si lasciava muovere all’incontro delle mani sicure e dolci di Gabriel, la mia anima intanto viaggiava in un’altra dimensione, era lì sopra di me che mi osservava dall’alto…non dimenticherò mai la sensazione di profondità e di espansione che ho provato per quasi tutta la sessione , un continuo entrare e uscire dal matrix della mente corpo.

Sentivo il mio corpo espandersi…ma non si espandeva in realtà, sperimentava solamente il fatto che lui era ovunque era dentro di me e fuori di me …era tutto, era una parte del tutto e il tutto era parte di me, ogni cellula del mi corpo vibrava insieme e io vibravo con la vita, tutto trovava un ordine. WOW WOW.

Il mio corpo si è sentito onorato e la mia mente è stata felice di avere deciso di ”step across the line“. Mahalo, Gabriel.


Je vais essayer d’expliquer cette expérience incroyable et quasi inexplicable. Tout d’abord la musique qui est merveilleuse et qui m’a permis de voyager à l’interieur de me corps et de mon âme. Ensuite le LOMI LOMI, dès qu’il a posé les mains sur mon dos j’ai pu sentir sa chaleur, sa douceur et sa force. Pendant ce massage sacré c’est comme si il était en apesanteur ou en train de voler au dessus de moi.  

Après tout fût vraiment interne…. Ses mains ont réussi à détendre tous les muscles de mon corps ainsi que ceux de mon esprit. Je me suis retrouvée dans une autre dimension en harmonie parfaite avec tout, comme bercer par la houle d’un bateau, remplie d’un amour et d’un bien être inexplicable. 

A un certain moment je fûs remplie d’une tristesse très profonde, mais l’amour que j eus ressenti avant, la comme pris dans ses bras et je me suis enfin comprise et aimée!!!! Ce fût le meilleur des LOMI LOMI que j’ai reçu. Mille milliards de mercis pour se voyage!!! 

Je conseil Gabriel à qui veut réellement se connaitre et qui désire une personne de confiance pour se massage particulier.


Hago esta pequeña reseña de mi experiencia al recibir un masaje Ancient Lomi Lomi por Gabriel pues fue realmente revelador. Además de sentir un bienestar corporal hubo momentos muy reveladores en mi consciencia y en mi ser. Desde el principio Gabriel explica muy claro e interesante cuáles son los principios del masaje y como será el procedimiento. Se puede sentir que Gabriel está totalmente conectado con una energía superior al realizar el masaje, es increíble sentir su energía fluyendo y abrazándote como una ola de calor, de energía que va limpiando y sanando. Hace una selección personalizada de la música para ti y eso es parte fundamental para mi de como sucedió la conexión. Hay una energía constante por parte de el, no hay momentos de duda, pausa o titubeo, es una terapia que fluye. 

Ahora menciono lo que experimenté ya que me sigue pareciendo fantástico. Pasaba por un momento de cambio, ruptura y dolor en mi vida; sin embargo no conecté mucho hacia el sufrimiento, al contrario mi mente se fue a sentir una contención muy grande por muchas personas a mi alrededor a pesar de estar solo 2 personas en esa habitación, la música y la energía de Gabriel me llevaron a sentirme de verdad en un ritual de sanación donde había muchas manos y muchas voces conmigo. Pude sentirme por momentos como si preparasen a un guerrero para una nueva etapa y me encantó recolectar con esa energía, por llamarle de alguna manera, puesto que desde niña había sido muy valiente hacia todo lo que quería experimentar en la vida y por situaciones donde uno se desconecta parece que perdemos el rumbo. Gracias a esos momentos me sentí apoyada por una gran “tribu”, limpiándome de algo, preparándome para algo en una suave, tibia y cariñosa manera pero al mismo tiempo llena de impulso energético.

He de mencionar también qué pasó por mi mente imágenes de mi abuela materna a quien no conocí, fue un breve momento pero supongo que tiene algún significado que ahora me toca descubrir. Y a todo esto quiero decir que nunca intenté imaginar o manipular mis pensamiento o sensaciones, creí que iba a llorar o a conectar con el dolor pero ha sido de las pocas veces que he dejado fluir lo que sucedía y me reencontré con el ser fuerte, valiente y amoroso que siempre ha estado ahí, ademas acompañado de muchos seres. 

Gracias Gabriel! No se que mas venga adelante pero se que llegaste a ese momento y el Lomi Lomi me seguirá hablando y significando importantes cosas en mi vida.


En upplevelse utöver det vanliga

Min Ke Ala Hoku-session med Gabriel Gargari var ett unikt tillfälle för mig att ge mig ut på en upptäcktsfärd i mitt inre landskap. I Gabriels trygga vård kände jag mig trygg nog att slappna av fullständigt och att tillåta mig att uppleva behandlingen med alla sinnen. Musiken, som är sammansatt specifikt för varje session, är en integrerad del av behandlingen och den gjorde att jag kunde låta mig färdas genom olika sinnesstämningar. Ibland blev jag starkt berörd av ett speciellt musikstycke utan att riktigt veta varför och känslorna växlade mellan glädje och nedstämdhet. Vid ett tillfälle blev jag väldigt känslosam av en finsk visa trots att mina finska rötter befinner sig långt bort i tiden, och endast utgör en bråkdel av mitt DNA! Under hela behandlingen genomströmmades jag av en stark känsla av närvaro i hela kroppen, och delar av min kropp som jag har haft svårt att acceptera, verkade vakna till liv igen. Jag kände så tydligt att min kropp har minnen av allt som jag har gått igenom under mitt liv, både fantastiska och glädjefyllda stunder, liksom tuffa och svåra passager. Gabriel är en kapabel och professionell färdledare på denna inre resa. Långt efter det att behandlingen på britsen var över så fortsatte insikterna att komma. Den starkaste upplevelsen som jag upplevde direkt efter det att behandlingen var avslutad var att jag kände mig hel som människa. Jag kan varmt rekommendera Gabriel till alla som känner sig lockade av denna typ av inre resa. 


Sesja Ancient Lomi Lomi u Gabriela była doświadczeniem wyjątkowym, jedynym w swoim rodzaju. 5 godzin na stole okazało się być wspaniałą podróżą przez różne wymiary. Ciało poddało się i w pełni zrelaksowało, podobnie umysł, zwykle przerabiający setki tematów – uspokoił się i wyciszył. Sesja ja była dla mnie doświadczeniem głęboko transformującym, którego nie jestem nawet w stanie opisać słowami. 

W swoim życiu doświadczyłem wielu masaży i muszę przyznać, że jakość pracy Gabriela 

zrobiła na mnie ogromne wrażenie. Nie zapomnę tej sesji, nie zapomnę tej jakości dotyku, tej czułości i tej energii, która niezwykle mnie poruszyła.

Zdecydowanie polecam Gabriela i zdecydowanie polecam sesję open-ended od 3-6 godzin.


Sesja masażu była dla mnie rytuałem przejścia i puszczenia tego co we mnie stare, moje przekonania, pomysły i spojrzenia w kierunku nowego. W trakcie masażu czułam obecność Gabriela, jego zaangażowanie, podążanie za tym co przychodzi, do tego muzyka dobrana specjalnie na tą sesję, to wszystko sprawiło, że mogłam poczuć się bezpiecznie. Dotyk, którym dzieli się Gabriel jest pełen szacunku, uważności, miłości, mocy. To spotkanie dało mi wiele odpowiedzi, potwierdzeń, że tu, gdzie jestem i czym się dziele jest dla mnie najwłaściwsze. Zaledwie 4 godzinna sesja, a Ja poczułam przypływ energii, wewnętrzną przemianę oraz niczym niezmącony spokój.


Nem volt még ilyen kezelésben részem… Sok beavatás jellegű masszázst adunk a csapatunkkal, némelyik 4- vagy 8 kezes egész napos szertartás, de még se nem adtam, se nem kaptam olyan masszázst, amit 5 és fél órán keresztül zajlott volna. Nem úgy “mindenestül”… beszélgetéssel előtte és lassú révedezéssel utána – hanem “nettó” 🙂 

Bár a folyamat valódi utazás volt, nem volt olyan intenzív, mint amire számitottam, és a belső, finom változások egy része csak másnapra lett nyilvánvaló – amikor egy visszatérő vendégemet maszíroztam. 

Nem csak nekem, de neki is egyértelmű volt – ahogy ezt utána visszajelezte – hogy még soha nem maszírotam “így”. 

Nehéz lenne meghatározni, hogy mi is az az “így”, de olyan, mintha elkaptam volna valami jóféle időtlenség-és-béke vírust. 

Mintha annak az 5.5 órának a ráérőssége valahogy tovább tágította volna azt a teret, ahonnan maszírozok… 

Nagyon szép élmény, ha teheted, kívánom, hogy add meg magadnak ezt a rendkívüli tapasztalatot.

Kaona Holistic (Therapeutic)


Ok, guys. Let’s get this out of the way up front. I am a 6’2”, 205 lb, hairy chested, beer drinking, steak eating, dahlia planting, golf loving type of fella who has not spent an exorbitant amount of money doing self-care in the realm of massage. That all to say, when my friend and talented Ke Ala Hōkū massage practitioner, Gabriel Gargari, offered to give me a restorative massage while I was passing through Nashville for an opera audition, I was touched by his generosity, skilled hands, and experienced a touch of embarrassment due to the level of discomfort I felt before getting a massage…from a dude.

Gabriel went to great length making sure the room was pleasantly warm, asked me a number of questions in the vain of: Are there any places on your body I need to be aware of that would be more sensitive than others? Have you ever had any surgeries? Any topical allergies? If at ANY time you need to stop please say something, do not suffer in silence. What goes up must come down, so don’t worry if it does (it’s a natural human response), Do you want me to focus on any particular areas of your body? Halfway through the massage I will ask you if you want to continue. If this is not what you were expecting please do not stay on the table if you no longer want the massage to continue. I was impressed by the number of detailed questions he asked, and by his genuine interest in giving me the best massage he could for me.

And here it comes, the moment all straight dudes in their 30s worry about when getting a rub down from another dude. Am I gonna like it? What if it feels good? Do I want it to feel good? The same questions George Costanza was processing in Seinfeld Season S3E1 were definitely going through my head. In response to such thoughts, I took a breath, laughed at myself, and decided to try my best to enjoy the massage. And boy, did I.

Gabriel could basically massage my entire leg all at once, bizarrely making me feel how connected my entire body is in a way I have never experienced. He was both sensitive (tenderly rotating my ankle) and strong (sticking his fist under my back and pulling out, using my body weight to massage me; it was fascinating and definitely effective).

You can read a better description than I could proffer of all the massages he offers under the “Services” tab on his website. If I’m not the only dude out there who is a bit trepidatious about getting a massage from another dude, just know, only you can let that go. My recommendation? I don’t have any. Who am I to tell you how to live your life? And, I without hesitation recommend a massage (depending on your budget and time restraint) from Gabriel Gargari.

P.S. He let me know it is no big deal if one passes gas while receiving the massage. Thankfully I was not gassy, but it definitely crossed my mind.


Absolutely Magical and Transformational! That’s how I describe Gabriel’s massage. From therapist to therapist, he truly connects to what your body is most deserving of. Before the session, Gabriel explained what the session was about and asked me a few questions to understand my body.

During the session I fell in deep sleep when I was facing down. During the time I was facing up, I had an experience I had never had before – I felt as if I had left my body for a moment and felt complete and absolute peacefulness. It was a very different feeling and extremely serene. If you want to have a mind blowing and magical massage experience, Gabriel is your guy! It is an honor to receive a massage with such a great human being filled with some much divine light. 


I knew when I first met Gabriel and what he told me about his sessions and the way he explained them to me that this wasn’t just an ordinary massage. I’ve had 12 sessions with Gabriel. Each and every session has been a completely different experience. I can truthfully say that it is a transforming experience.

Gabriel is not only a very gifted person he is genuine in what he says and does. I can also truthfully say that my quality of life and my outlook has improved since I began my sessions with Gabriel. It has been a blessing!


My time with Gabriel was one of the best experiences!  I did not know what to expect so I entered this appointment with a clear mind and a healthy curiosity.

There was a moment when I fell asleep briefly. I have never been so relaxed on a table.  I caught myself and tried to pull myself back. From that moment on it was difficult to differentiate what was a dream and what was real.  I felt connected to the energy in the room. I felt connected to the rhythm of the music playing. I found myself at one point hiking in an area of Ireland that I have been to multiple times.  I could smell the fresh air filling the room. After this I was totally captivated by how small I felt but how big everything around me felt.

As I pulled myself out I remember total embarrassment flooding me but for some reason it rushed out and was replaced with a sense of natural balance. My dreams that night were vivid. My dreams are always vivid but that night they had feeling/sensations.

I highly recommend spending time with Gabriel. Your entire system (mental, emotional, physical, cellular, and possibly ancestral) can be met, heard, and acknowledged.


How lucky I feel to have received a massage from Gabriel. He felt so confident from the first moment. He transmits that security, that good vibe. Everything was perfect in the mountains of Sta. Teresa, a heavenly place, the environment, the music, its warmth, everything was impeccable, but the best was in his hands!!!! I loved his big palms or so they felt that way!!! At times I imagined as if a giant was giving me a massage. The feeling was strange, but very rewarding. Feeling the palms of his hands on my back automatically transported me to a level of 100% relaxation. I felt so free. I felt happy. I was able to literally fly. I am a professional masseur. I can recognize the quality of his work. I still feel well-being closing my eyes and remembering all those perfect maneuvers of a massage master.


My experience was transcendent.  After I had booked the appointment, but before I had arrived, a very dear friend passed away and a love interest proved to be unfaithful…altogether, a pretty bad day….well, when Gabriel welcomed me into his studio, he sat down and calmly explained his process and treated me with both profound respect plus an unusual degree of kindness.  He was calm and reassuring.  Once on the massage table, I started out tensely, but Gabriel inspired such confidence that I easily surrendered to his movements and became a puddle of mud in the sculptor’s hands.  I was transported to a peaceful and happy place, where I found quiet and joy under his artful, strong, and exceptionally talented hands.  I highly recommend Gabriel to help you become your best.


The best I’ve ever had! Unmatched care and quality, an unforgettable and unique massage experience. I’ve done massages for over 7 years and was very impressed by Gabriel’s energy and obvious love of his work. He is a caring perfectionist. No better compliment than saying I will long remember how well I slept because I was relaxed by a professional. Thank you Gabriel!


Imagine …
Feeling safe and cocooned like a silkworm
The rhythm of the music as you drift in and out of a relaxed consciousness
The freedom of an empty mind as your body sinks further into the massage table…..
A massage with Gabriel is so much more than just a massage. It is a transfer of pure and positive energy that leaves you feeling calm, centred and able to breathe. I feel honoured and privileged to have experienced one of Gabriel’s holistic massages. Thank you.


Gabriel’s sweet and compassionate energy is immediately clear.  His studio is luxurious and clean with stunning views of mountains and water.  After obtaining the information he needed and, describing what I could expect, Gabriel got right to it.  During the session I began to have a clearer and deeper understanding of my own spiritual evolution.  A deeper understanding of how the painful and challenging moments in life are necessary for the growth of the soul.  Some new insight of the archetypal role I chose before this life even began.  

The release was profound and cathartic.  As he worked on some problem areas, I could feel toxic energy being removed – almost “vacuumed” out.  For me the experience was a powerful release of some emotional pain.  Physically, it was much like a few acupuncture sessions where, things feel looser and rejuvenated but, with more lasting results.  I feel much calmer and free from the normal aches and pains that come with middle age.  I will be back for more to see how the sessions build upon each other for long-term benefits.  

Thank you, Gabriel!


Gabriel provides a unique massage experience that is in a class by itself. The rhythms of his techniques are kind of like meditation in motion, and more profound than just on a physical level. It is really the closest thing to nirvana that I have found thus far. His personal warmth and gentle strength are an integral part of the total therapeutic encounter. I had the opportunity to visit him twice, and each massage was not only unique unto itself, but also uplifted me into a much better, but different, personal place of inner peace and tranquility each time. You should really check him out for yourself. Thanks for listening.


Since the massage, I have been feeling calm and focused and my back and neck feel much better as well! Overall, for the majority of the massage, I was at extreme peace and relaxation.  My bf and I have been apart since mid-January, and we miss each other a lot.  During the experience I was reflecting on that and how much I missed him.  We love and care for each other very much – and that was the feeling that I was experiencing – putting me into an almost trance-like state surrounded by peace and love.  It was a powerful moment when you placed my hand over your heart and your hand over mine.  The connection was extremely intimate and I felt bathed in love and calm.  I didn’t admit this to you then, but for a few moments, I actually lost my sense of reality and believed I was with my bf!  But thank you for that extraordinary experience: my connection to you as well as to my bf was amazing.


I speak as a first-time user of Gabriel‘s Lomi Lomi massage technique. Gabriel is a student of his craft, I found all aspects of the setting appropriate and proper, he is a true professional. Sensitive and tuned into his client. In the two hour session Gabriel was in the zone, worked me over instinctively to do the very thing my body needed. Treat yourself to one of the best professionals in massage today.


Gabriel’s KAONA Holistic Massage was amazing! He is highly trained and his technique is excellent. He uses his strong hands to glide across your body putting you in a deeply relaxed state. He goes out of his way to make you feel welcomed, providing a warm and nurturing environment. You will end the session feeling pure bliss. I highly recommend booking a session with him. 


After reading the wonderful reviews of Gabriel I decided to give him a try. I went for the KAONA Holistic Massage since we were not prepared for the Ancient. I just have to say that was the most relaxing and to the point massage I received. He used his hands and his elbows for the whole session. My body was so relaxed that I fell asleep in the middle of the session and, of course, I slept through the night afterwards. I would highly recommend Gabriel and I am ready to go back and try the Ancient Lomi Lomi massage.


Профессионально, качественно и недорого!Рекомендую!


Габриел прекрасный специалист. Владеет различными техниками массажа, чувствует человека и это очень важно. У него очень хорошая энергетика.


Experimenté este masaje y fue una sensación única. Fue un relajo total ahora qué vivimos en un mundo tan caótico. Me llevó a mi infancia, que para mi es la etapa de la vida donde todos queremos regresar sin tantas preocupaciones, ni angustias. Lo recomiendo 1000%.

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