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Lomi 001

Cornelius Rosse, MD, DSc
Professor Emeritus
School of Medicine
University of Washington
(Bi-weekly client that came for two years)

I am pleased to recommend Gabriel as an outstanding and dedicated practitioner of the art of Lomi Lomi massage to anyone who is lucky enough to avail him/herself of his services.


The value of a recommendation depends to a large extent on the relevant background and experience of the person who provides the recommendation. I met Gabriel after retiring from a long and rewarding career as a medical doctor, scientist and educator. I encountered many admirable and talented young people during this career, but Gabriel stands out among them as the one from whom I have personally benefitted the most.


Gabriel has a great gift for healing the body, enhancing health and promoting the tranquility of the spirit. The massages he gives are completely different than any I have ever experienced. He makes you discover your own body and leaves you with a feeling of peace that lasts for days. He is a master of the Lomi Lomi concept of massage, which is not only a special technique but also a spiritual approach to two human beings interacting with one another. For me these interactions were among the most enjoyable experiences consisting of a chain of sensations that I did not know I could have. Gabriel is completely immersed in what he is doing and how you respond to him and he to you. There is an important spiritual element of these interactions as well. To get the full benefit of the massage experience, you have to put your trust in Gabriel and allow him to guide you. He will be completely in tune with you if you accept what he has to offer. I realize all this does not sound very medical or scientific, but believe me, it is real.


So here is something medical: as a result of the massages, my high blood pressure had dropped significantly to the extent that I could reduce and ultimately discontinue some of my medications; my recovery from two operations on my spine was unexpectedly hastened as a result of the massages; my cardiac problems that had been difficult to treat, improved significantly, my arthritic knees that have been torturing me remained pain free for days after a massage. I found most interesting the improvement in my sense of wellbeing and the melting away of some of the pesky and unwelcome manifestations of old age.


Perhaps if I were in your position I may say that this guy just got carried away. But why would I want to set you up? There is, however, one point I want to emphasize: Lomi Lomi takes two individuals to succeed, a giver and a receiver. I can vouch for Gabriel that he will be a great giver. The rest is up to you.

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